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Registration of measuring equipment and measuring instruments

Registration of measuring equipment and measuring instrumentsIn accordance with the requirements of the Law № 163-Z from 20.07.2006 "Assurance of uniformity of measurements" measuring instruments for use in regulatory metrology (Article 16 of the Law) must be included in the State Register of measuring instruments of the Republic of Belarus.


Some measuring devices, which need certificate:

  • Scales and other measuring instruments for the quantitative control
  • All industrial measuring instruments for control important industrial processes
  • Measurement methods, including computational methods
  • Instruments for protection during working process
  • Instruments for ecological applications


It can be possible only after positive results of state acceptance tests for type approval of measuring instruments. After confirmation of a type of an instrument, related certificate can be issued.

Tests may be conducted on the premises of a manufacturer or on premises of certification body (if required calibration equipment is available and it is possible to provide other special requirements for tests).


List of obligatory tests includes:

  • Determination of metrological characteristics (measuring range, sensitivity, accuracy, etc.)
  • Testing of electric safety
  • Electromagnetic compatibility
  • Resistance to impact factors (high / low temperature, high humidity, mechanical-dynamic loads) and others.
If tests are carried out on premises of manufacturer, it is possible to reduce timeframe of work by considering previous test reports of accredited bodies and approval of these results.


Necessary documents required from an applicant:

  • Brochures on products from manufacturer
  • A package of complimentary documents supplied with measurement tools
  • Maintenance / service manuals
  • Operation manuals
Timeframe of work is defined in a test program and specified in a contract.
IMPORTANT! All the documents must be in Russian language.



Please, send us your request and our experts will check which certificates are required for the import of your goods to the territory of the Customs Union.

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