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Certification of explosion-protected Equipment (EX-Certified)

Certification of explosion-protected Equipment (EX-Certified)According to legislation system of Ukraine potentially dangerous products has been approved in compliance of certain norms and standards before putting into operation. This issue is appointed in GOST 12.2.021, EIC, ROEC, FS and in regulatory acts of authorities of Ukraine.


Legal basis for this is represented with:

  • Documents of UkrSEPRO Certification System
  • Regulatory and legal acts of the regulatory authorities of Ukraine.
  • Unified set of laws in sphere of technical regulation "About standardization", "About accreditation of compliance assessment authorities", "About Conformity Assessment".


Procedure of admission of explosion-protected equipment to operation

Permission system is an obligatory system of testing, inspection and certification, regulated by the state, which includes two organizations:

  • State Health and Safety Supervision Authority of Ukraine (SH &SSA) - regulatory organization, which defines industry standards, safety requirements and their implementation


SH &SSA is responsible for licensing of potentially hazardous industrial equipment, installation and certification, repairing works in all areas of industry.

SH &SSA is involved in the accreditation of test laboratories and certification authorities, which provide tests and issue certificates or conclusions on safety of equipment.


  • TCCEPEE & M - Certification Authority - Testing Certification Center for explosion-protected electrical and mining equipment


TCCEPEE & M is accredited by State Committee of Ukraine of Technical Regulation and Consumer Policy in the system UkrSEPRO.

Scope of accreditation of TCCEPEE & M includes almost all ranges of instruments and equipment for creation of control systems of production processes.

SH & SSA of Ukraine carries out the admission to the operation of explosion-protected electrical equipment in accordance with Certificates or Conclusions on the explosion protection, issued by TCCEPEE & M, on the grounds of positive test results.


The following documents are required for TCCEPEE & M:

  • An application for certification tests
  • Technical description of equipment
  • Certificates and other technical data in the range, similar to National testing organizations
  • Samples of equipment according to mutual agreement
IMPORTANT! All the documents must be in Russian/Ukrainian language.



Please, send us your request and our experts will check which certificates are required for the import of your goods to the territory of Ukraine.

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