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10/25/2021 01:05:28


Exchange rates

82,5 RUR

$70,86 RUR


Strategic thinking and taking all factors of international situation into consideration are getting more important during accelerating process of globalization.

Russia and CIS countries give a lot of possibilities not only in their inner market coverage, but also in strategic advantage of using them as production and/or trade base for organization of export.

E3M Business Consulting GmbH supports you to start interaction with Russian market or to optimize and to develop your existing business.



  • Strategical market entry
  • Branch and market analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • In-house analysis
  • Working out a structure of decision-making process
  • Business planning
  • Identifying target groups of potential customers
  • Implementation plan
  • Foundation of company
Take the advantage of our experience in the field of outsourcing procurement.


E3M Services / Procurement in Russia / CIS:

  • Creating product enquiry according to your requirements
  • Comparison of commercial offers
  • Mediator between you and your supplier / negotiations
  • Control of all stages of order execution


E3M Services / Setting a manufacturing location in Russia / CIS:

  • Location analysis (industrial land, utilities, logistics, tax advantages, etc.)
  • Work out of expertize
  • Support in negotiations with authorities and partners
  • Support with foundation of production
  • Recruitment / support in human resources management



  • No loose of a company’s Know-How
  • Only one partner with experience and competence
  • No language barriers



Contact us and we will show you the way to success!

"Service is, to see the whole business with the eyes of the customer."

E3M Business Consulting GmbH