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Exchange rates

82,5 RUR

$70,86 RUR


Markets of Russia and CIS countries are still growing. Business behavior has been changed from state-planned economy to market economy.

According to your requirements we can suggest an individual marketing concept, which concerns:

  • Products
  • Target groups
  • Distribution channels


Intercultural management

Intercultural management is a complex of different factors, which allows adopting business behavior to special cultural aspects of exact country.

This issue became more and more significant at the age of globalization and internationalization of business. Most of companies, which are involved into export procedures and activities in foreign markets, perfectly realize the importance of intercultural management. Implementing this special way of handling international business processes is a key factor of success in cooperating with other countries.

Since the time when Russia and CIS states became open, internalization of markets and integration with business activities of foreign countries begun, actuality of intercultural management is grown up. It is not so easy to realize cultural background of certain country for a foreigner. Nevertheless, open way of communication, sincere interest to customs and respect to specialty of behavior helps to open many doors.


Marketing Strategy

Finding and approaching new customers in other countries can be rather difficult issue, especially if these are Eastern Europe countries.

First it is important to answer yourself the following questions:

  • How to choose the right marketing-mix for this country?
  • How to develop suitable advertising and communication concept?
  • Which price policy is the most optimal?
  • Who are your potential clients and how to get their contact data?
  • Which communication method suits for potential clients?
  • Which product promotion method suits in the best way?



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