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Permission of RosTechNadzor (RTN)

Permission of RosTechNadzor (RTN)RosTechNadzor stopped issuing Permissions for use of technical equipment on hazardous manufacturing objects from 01.01.2014, as soon as new amendments to the Federal Law № 116 from 21.07.1997 came in power.

Products, which fall under certification and declaring according to Technical Regulations of the Customs Union, and have been certified, do not need any Permissions of RosTechNadzor anymore.

This kind of Permission can be obtained in exceptional way only for the products, which are not under TR CU.

For all the rest of products only an informational (exemption) letters can be provided by RosTechNadzor.

With all the described conditions there is only one type of documents, which can confirm compliance to norms and standards of RosTechNadzor. These documents are Conclusion of expertise of industrial safety and Voluntary certificate of conformity to norms of industrial safety.


Documents, which are necessary for obtaining expertise of industrial safety:

  • HS-code, name of product
  • Technical descriptions / Operating manuals
  • Drawings, schemes
  • Photos of products
  • Available certificates: ISO, CE, ATEX, etc
Some other documents can be required additionally depending on a type of products.
IMPORTANT! All the documents must be in Russian language.
IMPORTANT!  ONLY RosTechNadzor can make a conclusion whether any exemption letter, expertise of industrial safety or voluntary certificate can be issued for exact product. At least HS-code and sometimes OKP code (All-Russian Product Classifier) is required for this.



Please, send us your request and our experts will check which certificates are required for the import of your goods to the territory of the Customs Union.

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