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Registration of measuring equipment and measuring instruments

Registation of measuring equipment and instruments Russian FederationNecessity of obtaining Confirmation of type of measuring device depends on dedication of product and area of implementation. For example, counting devices for commercial use, products for military sphere, etc., normally need to have this kind of certificate. In case of positive decision of accredited body, correspondent number is assigned for this type of measuring device and this number is put to the State Register.


Some measuring devices, which need certificate:

  • Scales and other measuring instruments for the quantitative control
  • All industrial measuring instruments for control important industrial processes
  • Measurement methods, including computational methods
  • Instruments for protection during working process
  • Instruments for ecological applications


Validity period

Validity period for this type of certificates for serial production is 5 years. If certificate is obtained only for a single (unique) device, then validity period is unlimited.

For products of serial production validity period can be prolonged for next 5 years without additional tests, only if design and technical parameters are not changed and there are no claims from customers’ side.

Following documents are required for the state registration in the Metrological register:

  • HS-code, product name
  • Technical descriptions, operation manuals
  • Photos, schemes
  • List of parameters with the measuring values
  • Agreement and invoice, as well as the legal address and tax number of a buyer
  • Existing certificates of quality (CE, ISO)
  • Types of testing program that have been approved by an accredited testing laboratory for measuring equipment
  • Methods of calibration
  • An application for a certificate
Some other documents can be required additionally depending on a type of products.
IMPORTANT! All the documents must be in Russian language.


When all the documents are checked, procedure of certification can be started.

Then certification experts carry out analysis of the production, which can be done as follows:

  • Visit of an expert to the manufacturing premises
  • Testing of product samples. Tests can be done right at production or in the lab on the territory of CU. It depends on type of products
  • Products for tests can be imported to the territory of CU without certificates
IMPORTANT!  ONLY accredited certification body can make a conclusion whether fire safety exemption letter is needed for exact product. At least HS-code and sometimes OKP code (All-Russian Product Classifier) is required for this.



Please, send us your request and our experts will check which certificates are required for the import of your goods to the territory of the Customs Union.

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