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Registration of measuring equipment and measuring instruments

Registration of measuring equipment and measuring instrumentsNew regulations on carrying out of conformity of type of a measuring device will come in power from 01.01.2016.

Estimation of conformity of measuring devices to correspondence technical regulations, as well as primary calibrating and confirmation of type of measuring device, can be carried out in cases, which are described in technical regulations. If results of tests are positive, accredited certification body can issue a certificate of confirmation of type of a medical device.

This kind of estimation can be done only by certification bodies, which are authorized by government authority in sphere of metrology.

Estimation of types of measuring devices, which are out of the field of metrology laws and regulations, can be certified in a voluntary way.

IMPORTANT!  ONLY accredited certification body can make a conclusion whether registration of measuring device is needed for exact product. At least HS-code is required for this.



Please, send us your request and our experts will check which certificates are required for the import of your goods to the territory of Ukraine.

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