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Exchange rates

82,5 RUR

$70,86 RUR


Dealer management and handling distribution channels is one of the most difficult and the most important tasks. It is not easy to find the correct and reliable partners in the open market, who will help you to increase your sales. Many companies are quite careful in selection of distributors, because often their reputation affects to image of brand which they represent.

Our specialists will help you to find and analyze all available options and make a primary selection and gather information about companies which you are interested in.


Important point is the choice of distribution policy

It requires forming a position regarding the following points:

  • Dealing with exclusive distributor
  • Limiting quantity of distributors
  • Granting the right to work directly with you to a large number of partners, with further selection of the most effective ones
  • Differentiation of distributors by areas of activities: industries/regions/product types


In general it can be rather difficult to have a strong position and point of view on these points. An important element in administration of distribution network is fast reaction on ever-changing market conditions, as well as regular analysis of activity of partners over a fairly long period of time. This allows to set priorities, to form an idea of the ways of further development, financial cooperation conditions and prospects of qualitative improvement of cooperation.



Contact us and we will show you the way to success!

Contact us and we will show you the way to success!