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Project Management

By project we understand a package of activities, which helps a foreign manufacturer to enter the Russian market or development and improvement of existing market positions. Projects have a complicated, multilevel structure, which is created in cooperation with your company. Realization of plans and strategies is usually considered for some years, because it is not only important to create a system for successful proceeding, but also to maintain it in working conditions, continuously develop and adapt to constantly changing factors. This scheme works best suited to small and medium-sized companies.

At the first stage it is necessary to define targets and objectives, as well as to outline a structure of further project. It is important to identify potentially interesting markets, concept of sales (direct sales, work through distributors, sales on behalf of the E3M Trade LLC, etc.), concept of interaction with customers, approximate planned volume of sales, based on the capacity of a market and economic factors, concept of brand promotion.

Furthermore, together with our experts it is necessary to figure out details of the project, such as: scheme of communication, marketing activities, way of reporting, participation in specialized exhibitions, price policy, etc.

After that we select the project-manager according to your requirements. This is one of the key issues in establishing project. Hired on behalf of E3M, employee will dedicate 100% of working time for your company.

After the structure of project is formed realization can be started.


The undeniable advantages of this concept:

  • No direct risks in activities abroad
  • Maximal transparency of all the activities carried out on behalf of your company
  • Maximum of control and flexibility
  • The lack of a language barrier, direct contact with players in the market
  • Fast reaction on changing market conditions
  • Your monthly expenses are fixed  with long-term German contracts



Contact us and we will show you the way to success!

Contact us and we will show you the way to success!