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10/26/2021 17:25:19


10/26/2021 16:25:19


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EAEU to finish 5 new technical regulations


EAEU is currently elaborating 14 technical regulations. 5 of them are already in the final phase.

These regulations set essential requirements for the following products: washing agents and household chemicals, paints and lacquers, buildings and constructions, construction materials and products, alcohol products, coal and different coal products.

Some of the regulations are currently being prepared for the approval and adoption stage; these are the regulations setting requirements for oil and gas, energy efficiency of electrical devices.

Several projects are in the national ratification stage, followed by the approval and adoption stages. These are the technical regulations about the safety of meat and poultry products; products meant for the protection of people in case of a natural or industrial disaster; civil defense products; main pipelines for transporting hydrocarbon liquids and gases.

Currently EAEU has adopted 44 technical regulations, 35 of them have already entered in force.

Artikel: Roswitha Backes, E3M Business Consulting GmbH