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Export in Krisengebiete
Dealing with sanctioned countries
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Exports to crisis regions

Dealing with sanctioned countries


The aggravated economic situation and the ruble devaluation will affect the export trade with Russia and the Customs Union. The doubt for German entrepreneurs would have been right, but there are numerous prospects and opportunities to compete in the export trade on the Russian market and in the Customs Union.

Sanctions of the European Union and Ukraine conflict worsen at first glance the export trade in the Customs Union Eurasian Economic Community (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan) and Ukraine. More specifically, the conditions constantly change in dealing with audit criteria of the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA).

They mainly relate to financial sanctions, arms embargoes, export and trade restrictions for listed dual-use goods and equipment for the petroleum exploration and production. If you are uncertain of your own product assignment, it is important to obtain a permit in the BAFA.


Other topics in this article are:

  • Sanctions against Russia and export trade
  • Sanctions in Ukraine
  • Ruble crash contributes to weak economic conditions
  • Export trade by expert know-how
  • What German entrepreneur should know
  • Default for EAC marking
  • Application address - what is it?


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Article: Roswitha Backes, E3M Business Consulting GmbH      
Published: Zoll.Export | 13.10.2015