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Moscow technology parks gain popularity


In 2014, there were six technology parks in Moscow on 503,600 square meters with 450 residents who created 6,700 jobs.

Today, Moscow is a leader among European cities in terms of the number of such specialized areas. The corresponding status was assigned to 24 technology parks and two tech towns. They operate through more than 1,400 companies with nearly 32,000 employees.

In the following newsletters we are going to provide you with a deeper insight into Moscow technology parks in particular.

A technology park is a specialized industrial area with high-tech production plants, as well as utilities, transport and technology infrastructure. They offer a good environment for developing high-tech companies. Unlike a technology park, a tech town has more than just the industrial infrastructure. Most often, tech towns are enormous complexes used for promoting science and high-tech research with comfortable conditions for their employees. So far, there are only two tech towns in Moscow, namely, “Moskva” and “Skolkovo”.

Moscow provides financial support to innovation enterprises. For example, technology parks receive subsidies in the amount of up to 100 million roubles for infrastructure development, while tech towns receive three times as much. Special incentives are also provided, for example tax reduction. However, to receive a tax reduction a technology park has to meet certain requirements.

Each technology park is meant for a different purpose. For example, over 70 companies resident in tech town “Moskva” produce a wide range of equipment, from electronics to medical implants. Specialists from the technology park “Otradnoye” work with computer technologies, software and produce energy-saving lightning equipment.


Artikel: Roswitha Backes, E3M Business Consulting GmbH