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New possibilities for localization in Russia


Localization is one of the main priorities for Russian business. On November 23rd 2017 takes place the International Business Conference InRussia devoted to the topic of localization. The new Russian industry zone “Titanium Valley” is also going to be discussed.

Around 500 guests from a wide spectrum of branches are going to participate at the meeting. Localization of industry in Russia and industrial cooperation are the main topics of the event.

The focus will also be on the export potential of the Russian industry and the possibilities for localization in the Russian Far East, which plays a bigger role in Russian economy as time goes on.  

The programme will include a special meeting aimed at creating a network of component suppliers and improving the quality of local components. It is expected, that suppliers from Germany and Europe are going to present their solutions during a small scale exhibition.

The localization of industry is gaining popularity in Russia, which is often being achieved with the help of foreign developers or investors. One amongst many other examples is the new industry zone called “Titanium Valley” (Sverdlovsk Region). Its council of experts recently approved of 2 potential residents with the investment volume at around 10,8 billion rubles.

The demand for localization in the “Titanium Valley” is growing steadily, there are a lot of new potential residents, and the engineering infrastructure is ready. All the facts lead to the conclusion that the investment phase is going to successfully transition into the production phase until the end of 2017.

Artikel: Roswitha Backes, E3M Business Consulting GmbH