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01/19/2022 21:04:31


01/19/2022 19:04:31


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New technopark in Moscow “Mosmedpark”


“Mosmedpark” is the new center for biomedical technologies, allowing to manage a full cycle of supporting companies: from the idea to commercialization of competitive production. Technopark residents are going to produce medical equipment and products as well as develop new materials. In charge of the development of “Mosmedpark” is the management company “Technopark Strogino”, who already have accumulated a lot of work experience with residents in medicine and pharmaceuticals.

The site is 4,42 hectares in size and it includes 11 objects. The total area of the complex is 21 000 m2.  Here you can find office rooms, production facilities, storage rooms, laboratory facilities, clinical facilities and many other premises.

The technopark is planned to become a business incubator for developing medical startup companies. The business owners are going to receive law, financial, marketing services, as well as regulatory support with service companies involved. For startups with less than 3 years of work experience after the registration, the business incubator offers preferential terms.

“Mosmedpark” has already started accomodating first companies in test mode. Official opening is scheduled for 2018, up to this point the technopark is supposed to have accomodated around 25 companies.

Artikel: Roswitha Backes, E3M Business Consulting GmbH