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Russian import – export: most important products in the first half of 2017


According to the data of Russian Federal Customs Service the foreign trade turnover in the first half of 2017 amounted to 270,4 billion US-Dollars and increased by 28,7% compared to the same period of the previous year.

The most exported Russian products to the foreign countries, excluding the CIS partners, were as expected fuel and energy products, they made up 66,6% of the total import(62,3% in the previous year).

Total worth of export of metals and metal products amounted to 9,9% (9,8% in the accounting period of the previous year). Chemical products share also increased compared to the previous year and it was 5,7% (a 10,3% increase).

Machines and equipment export share was 4,9%, which is 1,2% lower than in the previous year.

Russian import in January-June 2017 amounted to 101,8 billion US-Dollars (a 27,2% increase).

The front runners here are machines and equipment, its share in the total import amount was 50,1% (47,2% in the previous year). The imports value of these products increased by 34,6%. Worth mentioning is the ground transport (excluding the railroad transport) and mechanical equipment – 34,8% electrical equipment – 24,6%, tools and optical equipment – 21,3%.

Chemical industry products share amounted to 19%, whereas food products dropped by 1,5% compared to the previous year and were 12,3%.

The most important trade partner of Russia is by a large margin the European Union with 43,9% in the total Russian turnover of goods.

Artikel: Roswitha Backes, E3M Business Consulting GmbH