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Technopolis “Moscow”


As we have reported previously, the development of technology parks is one of the main priorities for Russian business.

There are already 31 technology parks in Moscow, their quality and service are impressive and tax cuts attract a lot of new foreign manufacturers.

However, despite all the newcomers, technopolis “Moscow” still remains one of the most successful specialized industry zones.

The technopolis is located on the territory of the industry zone N 26-II “Yuzhny Port”; it is a specialized territory for innovative production development in Moscow, created under the control of a state management company “Stroyexprom”.

“Moscow” was founded in the year 2012. Back then a law had been adopted “On the scientific, technical and innovative activity in the Russian Federation”, which prescribed tax cuts for management companies and residents of the technology parks. It also introduced a new special subsidy program, many other projects were set in stone. The conditions for foreign manufacturers have been improving ever since.

After a company has received an approved tax cut, its bonuses last for 10 years.

The priority branches of the technopolis “Moscow” are the following:

  • modern materials and nanotechnologies;
  • medical technologies and biopharmaceuticals;
  • microelectronic, optic, robotics and industrial automation;
  • informational and communication technology;

The technopolis counts more than 70 current residents; most of them are well-known leaders of their respective branches, for example “Schneider Electric” from France, “Neophotonics” from the USA, “Mapper” from the Netherlands or “Rehau” from Germany.

The area reaches over 335 000 m2. The manufacturing companies can rent premises outfitted with the necessary utilities and bring in their own equipment. Those who work in the field of microelectronics and biopharmaceuticals can get "clean rooms." The technopolis has a congress center, a logistics center, temporary storage warehouses, and an office of the Federal Customs Service.

The technopolis is planned to create 5,500 jobs until the end of 2018. “Moscow” is a magnet for innovative companies and home to some of the most important high-tech events.


Artikel: Roswitha Backes, E3M Business Consulting GmbH